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tv   [untitled]    December 19, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm PST

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local 16 who actually the stagehands at the festival, over 36% of their staff are san francisco residents. but working with supervisor mar and through his leadership, we are hoping to increase those numbers as we move forward. >> did you say over 25% of the beverage and [speaker not understood] -- >> there is not a quota per se. there is rather a commitment to fill those positions through a hiring fair held in either the sunset or the richmond. and obviously we're looking not only to hire san francisco residents, but to actually target it towards those communities which are most impacted, the sunset and the richmond. >> so to you in the department, how do you intend to track that given the information reporting on employeeses by zip code? how is that going to work? >> yeah, what we've done in
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events of this kind, we have worked with another planet to track their own employees and local 16 who are paid through their payroll by zip code. we can work with them to try to obtain that data for the vendors. it should be noted that this is a relatively large endeavor putting on this festival and there are a number -- in fact, dozens of contractors and subcontractors who work on this project compiling all the data might be a little difficult. >> thank you. and finally, there were a few questions that have been raised by residents, i think. this is a persistent issue about the timing of [speaker not understood] going up that restricts park access. * fencing going up whether we have done everything we can to minimize that amount of disruption and lack of access to the open space. and, so, could you speak a little bit about rec/park's policy towards that and what you are doing to minimize, to
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minimize that impact? >> absolutely, supervisor. the fencing is put up for a number of reasons. it's put up obviously to keep [speaker not understood] out of the premises. it's also put up to protect city residents, visitors and the park land during the construction. this is a very large event with very large heavy machinery operating throughout various times of the event. and fencing is frankly required, as it would be at any construction site, during the build and the tear down. in recent years we've actually encouraged another planet to be more deliberate during the construction of the events, whereas three years ago we began the construction on the friday before the event. our gardeners over the last few
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years have advocated for us to begin that construction a couple days earlier so that it can go at a slower pace and we can be ensured the park is protected better. we do work to minimize the impact of the fencing. it is phased, the construction, so it begins in the polo fields and expands out into the surrounding meadows as the construction begins in those meadows. we do work after the event to then phase the breakdown so that the breakdown happens in that surrounding meadows, first in those meadows reopen to the public first, and it is completed lastly at the polo fields. and then the fencing is torn down there. during the event build and the event tear down, where possible, we do leave holes in the fencing and passage ways in the fencing to allow people to use the meadows that are safe for them to [speaker not
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understood] and the pathways that are safe for them to be in. the reality is that there is some restricted access to the park. we work diligently each year to minimize that. we have heard some concerns that the fencing was up perhaps a little bit longer than some community residents would have liked this year. we've worked to identify if there were any problems and we have flagged this as an issue that we will continue to pay attention to a we move forward each year to ensure that the access to the site is as robust as possible. >> thank you. given this item does not have a budget analyst report, there are no questions at this time, i'd like to open the item up for public comment. i do have a number of speaker cards. i will be calling your name. if you hear your name, please do line up against the wall and we will have two minutes each for each speaker. alan valenski, mary conra,
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andrew bennett, robert powell, joanne desmond. ken bessi. before the public commenters begin, i believe there is one more person that, supervisor mar, you wanted to invite up. >> yes, nick kenzi alerted me the professor who did the report is present. we wanted him to elaborate on a few points earlier made on the economic of the lands to san francisco's economy. and professor patrick turney is from san francisco state's department of recreation parks and tourism. but thank you so much for being here.
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>> this is to report on the economic study? given that you're not city staff, we'll have to give you two minutes and we'll ask follow-up questions. okay. good afternoon. i quickly wanted to go over two key points about the economic impact study. first of all, it was done using two primary means of data collection. one is on-site validation survey with 22 1 completed interviews. the other was a post event online survey that had 35 51 completed responses. * we use a very conservative approach on this analysis. we excluded that is, we did not consider the following groups. any resident of san francisco
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who was visiting at that event was excluded from the economic analysis. if there were not attending the event primarily, if they're not visiting san francisco primarily to attend a event, they were excluded. there were some other factors we excluded outside of san francisco. we compiled average spending from the 3500 plus individuals and we used a mull plier to come up with the total economic impact of the event. some of the results, just very quickly, 73% of respondents lived outside of san francisco. 66%, their primary reason for visiting san francisco was the event. 87% of the nonresidents stayed overnight in san francisco. 46% were in commercial lodging. they stayed an average of almost three nights in san francisco. and the total expending to give you an idea by type -- would you like me to continue?
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>> you can. can you go ahead and tell us about what the trip spending generally is and we actually cannot see the numbers there. okay. so, the spending for lodging [speaker not understood] was $225 for each individual. the spending on food and beverage was 307. even $13 on average is spent on attractions in golden gate park outside of the festival. the average spending for per person for the event, these were nonresidents again, $407 in san francisco, $108 per person per day. this is a summary slide i wanted to focus on for just a second. the direct spending as estimated by all of the individual nonresidents who were at the event, $27 million. when you add the direct spending, indirect and induced, that figure rises to about $60
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million. personal income, 20 million. full time equivalent jobs, about 683. to summarize quickly, the outside lands attendees were mostly nonresidents. so, this was not just a locals only party. two and three nonresidents were in san francisco strictly because of the outside lands festival. there was one reason why the vast majority were visiting san francisco. nonresidents spend an average of three days in san francisco. so, they made it really a mini vacation for the event rather than a one-day event. significant spending in all sectors, many sectors of the san francisco economy. so, i feel very strongly that the outside lands festival economic benefits were city-wide. average trip spending seen at about 4 70. $27 million in direct spending. *
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indirect induced and direct, about $60 million impact. >> thank you. supervisor mar, there are other individuals that you'd like to bring up? >> no. >> okay. why don't we go to public comment. we'll take the first member. good afternoon, my name is alan valenski. i work for another planet year round. i'm also the artist transportation manager [speaker not understood]. and i live at lincoln way [speaker not understood], the outer sunset is my neighborhood. and i frequent those businesses every day. you know, just to speak a little bit about the concern about that, that neighborhood, you know, i personally make a map. actually the first four years i made a map. the last year the business association created our own map. i passed out in the two weeks leading up to the festival to make sure every department head knows where the local
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laundromat s the local bar, the local hardware store, where to go if they want thai food, whatever. my phone rings 10, 12 times a day leading up to the festival during art build with people calling, they're coming out of town to work. where do i go to get a good hamburger, whatever. so, we make a really concerted effort. and at the request of my boss, i went to -- i presented a petition at luka deli at the corner of 20th and irving to ask that the businesses sign up so i can bring it to this meeting. a few minutes later the owner called me and said that they had some concerns. so, i called my boss and said, you know, this is what they're saying and it was 15 or 20 minutes later we had the plan that we were going to go to this meeting. and that's the kind of concern that we have for this neighborhood and the neighborhoods surrounding the parks. in fact, we really regretted the meeting was tonight instead of last night so we can come with some response from the business merchants. but we really do care about the
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community. we take a lot of effort and a lot of pride in that neighborhood, myself especially in making sure that those businesses are well represented and taken care of. so, thank you. >> thank you. hi, my name is mary condi and i'm with another planet entertainment. i'm the director of production and part of the team that produces the event. i wanted to take this opportunity to read a letter to you that we received from david heller who is the president of our greater geary boulevard merchants and property owners association. so, i'll just read this letter for you. the greater geary boulevard merchants and property owners association wholeheartedly supports the continuation of the outside lands music and arts festival. we appreciate the remarkable contribution this single event makes to our merchants, employees, and the city of san
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francisco each year. our businesses cover an expansive area from van ness to the ocean. we see a substantial increase in foot traffic and sales for aye two-week period around the festival. this event brings us customers from outside the bay area who are introduced to our restaurants, cafes, hotels, bank, salons, florists and service stations for the first time. the fiscal impact of new customers is palpable. this festival has brought dramatic increases in revenue each year in august. the economic boost is felt by a wide variety of businesses for the week before and after the event. our merchants, property owners and employees appreciate much needed revenue during a time that traditionally slows down. we add new jobs to keep up with the pace in august and keep our regular staff extremely busy. our regular patrons don't seem to mind the rush and we certainly get new customers in the process. during these uncertain economic times it is encouraging to count on a lucrative end to the summer season.
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the city of san francisco is fortunate to host an annual event of this magnitude. we hope it continues for years to come. quickly i want to say as the director of production i sign all the payroll, directly paid by another planet entertainment. and in the last five years we have directly paid employees over $4 million. and i think it's easy to say at least 30% of those folks are residents of san francisco. thank you. >> thank you. good afternoon, supervisors. my name is joanne desmond, i'm an assistant fagoted with [speaker not understood] local 16 and we do a lot of staffing for outside lands. what i wanted to bring to your attention was i had our benefits manager run these numbers before i came. and in the time that outside lands has been here, for stagehand labor alone in health and welfare benefits, wages and pensions, it's been close to $2
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million that have been -- our members have been the beneficiary of and i would encourage you to extend this lease. thank you. my name is andrew ben it, i'm a member of local 16. i have worked at a number of planet events for years. prior to my membership in local 16 i worked in the concert tour booking industry and sold shows to the company that another planet arose out of for many, many years. i have to say that the care that another planet takes when they are looking at the facilities, when they are looking at transportation issues, when they are looking at community relations, is unmatched in the concert touring industry. the concert touring industry is usually characterized by individuals who, would generally represent something that would be similar to general sherman's march to
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atlanta in the civil war. and another planet is the opposite of that. you can hear the previous speakers that they're genuinely invested in the well-being of this city, in the well-being of this community, and the well-being of the event. the event also has ancillary benefits for san francisco in terms of crest, in terms of the convention and visitors bureau, drawing people to san francisco, and drawing people's focus to san francisco. it creates an international presence for san francisco and in recently the cover story of the new york times magazine was on one of the performers from out side lands, neil young, the entire article was centered on his performance at outside lands. there is constant exposure for san francisco, for what a lot of people like to call the grand san francisco by this concert. and in terms of labor where my interests are, i work in labor.
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our members are well treated on this event. our members work on this event and our members are local people in san francisco. my zip code is 94 1 27 and i am very, very pleased to be here and have the opportunity to speak in support of the renewal of this lease with the conditions that have been discussed, all amendments. we support them entirely. >> thank you. i'll call a few more names. [speaker not understood]. * [speaker not understood]. chris nelson. calvin snyder, andrew john stone, don garrigan. good afternoon, supervisors. my name is bobby powell. i've been a member of local 16. i've been assigned as a steward for the last five years with outside lands. to make it short and sweet, i'm very much in favor of this extension and i support everything that they've been doing for the last five years and i'd love to see it
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continue. thank you. >> thank you. hi, my name is ken besser, i'm a resident of the city and county of san francisco. i live in mount davidson. i actually represent a business locally here called cresco equipment, we've been in the office [speaker not understood]. we supply the equipment for it, done it for many years. happy with the process. we employ a lot of people that live in the county of san francisco. we sure hope you continue this kind of public private alliance that brings money to the extent and employs local people. thank you. arian miller, long-time resident of the outer sunset, president of speak. i am very concerned about the access to the park and the fencing issue, it really has gone through the cracks. i think that this is a wonderful festival. they really are concerned with the community.
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but this is something that falls to a subcontractor. so, it's very hard for them to manage. and from year to year that perimeter fencing that locks up a whole section, i would say it's up to 25% of the whole park for up to three weeks, last year it was three full weeks. the perimeter fencing that goes jfk, [speaker not understood] drive and mlk drive and up to the east. it's got to be controlled and it's not in the agreement and it's not in the resolution. i have draft language, i was a former city planner, i like to draft language, i don't know why. but something that i really hope that you could add to the contract agreement, the extension, and we want them to be there, but it is really a good period. you heard real estate tell you that usually a five-year contract, five-year renewable.
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i mean, they have proven themselves over five years. they have been responsive. it's eight years too long. would you please add this language? and i have copies for you and i've e-mailed them to you. which would limit the temporary fencing. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker. hi, i'm [speaker not understood], i'm the owner of loving cup. i own a small dessert shop in russian hill and i've been a vendor at outside land for the last two years. our involvement in outside lands is a great experience all around. it has given me the opportunity to really grow my business. aside from significantly increasing our revenue, having the presence of outside lands has allowed us to expose our brand to tens of thousands of people, from people in the city as well as tourists. and many of them have become regular customers of our brick and mortar shop.
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so, we continue to benefit from the festival long after it's over. i also want to point out that i hire an additional 15 people who are local residents of san francisco each year to work the festival. and two of them i have taken on as permanent part-time hires. so, i think it really is a good benefit to increasing employment locally as well. it is also a really well run festival, super organized and they manage trash really well. thanks. hi, my name is chris nelson and i'm a resident of the sunset and i have been living in the sunset for the last five years. i am a wine maker by trade here in san francisco and i'm a very big fan of the wine festival. never seen anything like that at another festival. they really bring together some great wineries and i think it's truly a cultural experience when you look at it from that side. i will note i've never poured
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my wine there so i'm not biased, okay. but they really have done a great job of expanding the whole festival. i've always either walked, biked or taken muni. i've never seen any problems. i realize there are -- the ng has been full of people, but they're all going to the festival and it's been a very good experience. it's been very positive. i've never had any problems in nigh five years and i really hope that you continue to expand the leasing and let this go for another eight years. thank you. hello, my name is tia [speaker not understood], from the [speaker not understood] foundation. we are in support of extending the eight year contract with outside lands. they are one of the few events that allow us to continue to do our beach clean up during the event. [speaker not understood] cancel along the beach, we have to cancel outside lands, combine that beach clean up that takes
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care of the outlying neighborhoods. and we have had great exposure being in the [speaker not understood] environment as well. we have been able to reach out to people not only in san francisco and bay area, but also [speaker not understood] area and around the world which is part of the surf rider foundation's mission statement. we are an international [speaker not understood] and to go to an event likes this helps us to take care of our coastlines and work with the [speaker not understood]. thank you. thanks for taking the time to listen to us. my name is calvin schneider, [speaker not understood], located in the mission and [speaker not understood] outside lands the last four years. i've also done a large variety of other seiberttionv from carnival to pride to [speaker not understood] * events. we work next to companies that bring other employees from modesto, other employees and food from fresno. so, the fact that this event
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hires locally 58 out of 60 local restaurants i think speaks miles for what it does for the city. one other minor point. [speaker not understood] had one of my cooks become ill on friday night. he was taken almost immediately by golf cart to a medical tent, local volunteers that work all the hospitals around the city took care of him. and i don't think -- i never would have expected that level of service. and again, entirely volunteer run, put together by and coordinated by outside lands. i think, again, speaks miles toward the caliber of this event. thank you. hi, my name is sasha detrick and i'm from the outer district, 26th and balboa. i moved to san francisco about 15 years ago as an adult. i chose to live here for the culture. i can say it's definitely at the top of my list. i was thrilled when outside
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lands came to our neighborhood. but as a mother i think i have a special perspective that hasn't really been seen here. [speaker not understood] where the neighborhoods are respected. caring for our parks and our lands, our open space, where people treat one another with kindness and respect. and i've seen nothing but that. i've attended all but one of the outside lands festivals and i can't think of one negative experience that i've had. it's really been a joyous wonderful occasion. the outer richmond residents feel like we are part of this [speaker not understood] world class city which we live in which we often feel neglected out there, i'll be honest. and it's also in the depths, in the dreary darkness of august, let's be honest, when many of us are fleeing towards the sun. there is a reason to stay. it is a reason to enjoy our beautiful park and to see some great music and enjoy some
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local food and experience it together [speaker not understood]. thank you. >> thank you for that unique perspective. i'll call a few more names. ari [speaker not understood], [speaker not understood], christopher clark, nicky bloom, and james [speaker not understood]. good afternoon, my name is don. i work for the equipment rentals. we work with another planet. we're in full support of. this all i can say is wow. i think the numbers are phenomenal to keep things going on here in san francisco, keeping the culture and the history. thank you. good afternoon, my name is andrew johnson. i own the little chihuahua restaurant here in san francisco. it's been an all around excellent experience, not only for myself, for my employees, for my business. one thing that's great about
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the event is how much they have respect for the environment and recycling and the area that's around. we're also in contact with other local vendors, businesses and in turn i'm now using other vendors that i've met through the event to purchase merchandise for my restaurant, et cetera. not only am i getting business, i'm now extending more business into the community also from the money that is coming and the people we're meeting. all around just a great event and full support. thank you. good afternoon, my name is chris clark. i'm a resident of the sunset. lived there for 10 years at 10th and irving. a wife and two daughters live there and this has become an event we absolutely love. it's [speaker not understood] on our calendar each august. and we're just proud to have
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the world's premiere cultural event in the backyard. in some years we've taken our kids to the event. it's been a wonderful place to take them. in other years we drop them off so we can enjoy it as adults. and we've really enjoyed accessing the event by riding bikes every year, we use the bikes in the past few years we've used the extra bike racks that have been provided. i want to say that we're really comforted knowing another planet is in charge and control of organizing this event. they've been wonderful stewards of our neighborhood and i think they set a standard for organization by which we measure all other events that happen in our neighborhood. since moving into the sunset there's been a lot of action to museums have been renovated and reopened. * two lots of other concerts, sporting events, and upon reflection we think that each
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organization is admirable and the standard by which all should be measured. from communication and transportation, getting people out thereby transportation or bikes, the free smut shuttle they just added last year, the number of bike racks they added as well * to the vibrant activity in the local businesses, some of the local restaurants in our neighborhood, certainly staying open later for festival goers there late at night. finally, i'm blown away to know an event that brings so much joy to the city also has such an impressive fiscal impact, bet directly to the park as well as indirectly. and we've seen marked improvements in the parks every year since outside lands has been in golden gate park and many thanks to both rec and park and another planet for all the hard work they're putting into that. we really hope that you extend this for another eight years